About Us

What We Do…

At Discover Bamboo, we set out to accomplish two goals; firstly, we wanted to find the “optimum” fiber for the line of products that we want to carry. After analyzing the various fabrics out there, we feel that bamboo is the most eco-friendly choice. You can learn everything under the sun about bamboo and the viscose process for fabric in our Learn More information section. Our second goal is quite simply to find the highest quality Bamboo bedding, Bamboo clothing, Bamboo Bath Towels, and baby products. We spend quite some time evaluating suppliers so that we can bring you the highest quality items. We know that once you try our Bamboo viscose products, not only will you agree this is a fabric that’s far superior to anything else available, but you will be telling all your friends about it too. The fact that its produced from an eco-friendly, sustainable, renewable, pesticide and herbicide free source, is just icing on the cake.

Why choose US…

We at Discover Bamboo consider it an important challenge to educate each of ourselves on the issues of the environment and social responsibility, and to impact change towards a more perfect green world! Journey with us to discover the wonders of bamboo, one of the oldest renewable and sustainable natural resources!.


Here in the United States, we have only just begun to put bamboo to good use. For example, ultra-soft, organic bamboo fabrics and yarns can be used for baby clothes, t-shirts, towels, bath and body products with bamboo charcoal, bamboo mineral salts and silica; “green”, biodegradable, disposable plates; hand-finished kitchen utensils, and much more. We are striving to find more true Fair Trade products and to make sure that the artisans and workers who make the our products work under good environmental and fair labor conditions. When choosing our products and vendors, we want to know that green ideals are in place and in practice, and we do this by educating ourselves on the issues, getting to know our vendors, and making sure products are made under fair environmental and labor standards.

Our intention is to offer the most unique, eco-friendly bamboo products and gifts, made in the U.S.A, and from around the world to environmentally conscience consumers through retail, online, wholesale and business to business sales. But we are also striving to do a little everyday to make the world a better, cleaner, and a more humanitarian place to live. We try ourselves, and encourage our vendors and our customers to make choices and decisions consistent with making a positive impact on the environment and the livelihoods of people in the U.S.A. and around the world. We live by our motto: Planet, People, Profit.

In our Bamboo! Blog we highlight the latest innovative bamboo eco-products, design, nurseries, gardens, and DIY projects. We’ll also bring you information about bamboo organizations, habitat, and its’ traditional uses, and we’ll share with you stories and Q & A interviews with bamboo lovers, artists, advocates, and entrepreneurs, including inspiring socially-conscious and eco-friendly causes. We at Discover Bamboo recognize that the world of commerce has many shades of green, but through education on the issues and the desire to have a cleaner and more sustainable world, we believe we’ll get there one day! Discover Bamboo is deeply committed to doing its part on the important environmental and socially-conscious issues that we face today, and we look forward to doing business better and greener every day!