Welcome to Discover Bamboo!

At Discover Bamboo, we set out to accomplish two goals; firstly; we wanted to find the "optimum" fiber the line of product that we want to carry. After analyzing the various fabrics out there , we feel that bamboo is the most eco-friendly choice. You can learn everything under the sun about bamboo and the viscose process for fabric in our Learn More information. Our second goal is quite simply to find the highest quality bamboo bedding, Bamboo clothing, Bamboo Bath Towels, and baby products. We spend quite some time evaluating suppliers so the we can bring you the highest quality items, We know that once you try Bamboo viscose products, not only will you agree this is a fabric that's far superior to anything else available, but you will be telling all your fiend about it too. The fact that its produced from an eco-friendly, sustainable, renewable, pesticide and herbicide free source, us just icing on the cake.