How soft is it?

You know your favorite cotton t-shirt have you’ve had for years and put through hundreds of washings to get it as soft as it is? Bamboo viscose materials are that soft right from the start without a single washing. Bamboo viscose is softer than silk or cashmere and, In fact, it is softer to the touch than high thread count Egyptian cotton. Additionally, the consensus among people who have tried bamboo towels, bamboo sheets and other bamboo products, has been, “it’s much softer than my other towels” or “I can’t believe how soft it is.”

Aside from the scientific test results showing the superiority of bamboo over cotton, we only have our opinion and the testimony of others who have tried bamboo viscose fabrics. What we do know is try our product for 30 days and if it isn’t your favorite, return it for a full refund of purchase price. We welcome everyone to read and/or write reviews on our products so others can share in your wisdom.

We encourage you to read the scientific test results showing how bamboo outdoes cotton when it comes to fabric hand (softness).