Is Bamboo really Antimicrobial?

The answer the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), must like influenced by the cotton industry, would like us to give is “no” because they claim all scientific data that is available by the U.S, China, Japan and other countries is apparently inconclusive, as well as case studies performed by universities. This is very disturbing to us because scientists, labs, textile chemists and professors have all made antimicrobial finds and claims. So, to be in compliance with the FTC we are making it perfectly clear that the FTC states viscose from bamboo is not antimicrobial. However, the FTC has provided no scientific evidence to back up this claim, which according to the FTC, scientific evidence is required in order to make a claim…quite a conundrum. So as it stands – it is their “theory” and we are expected to provide to you “their theory” over evidence we have uncovered. They do however make the (true) claim that bamboo is in fact antimicrobial in its natural state.

We believe from our research that bamboo has some amazing antibacterial capabilities. It’s antibacterial property is commonly referred to as “bamboo kun”. It is because of this antibacterial, antifungal agent, that bamboo does not require the use of pesticides or herbicides for growth. To put it simply, pests and pathogens do not like bamboo. But what about scientific testing? In 2003 the China Industrial Testing Center (CTITC) completed a quantitative antibacterial capability test on a piece of 100% bamboo fabric. They placed a bacterial strain type staphylococcus aureous on the fabric. After a period of 24 hours had elapsed, the live bacteria were counted. The results showed that the bamboo fabric exhibited a 99.8% antibacterial kill rate.

Another study was done by the Japan Textile Inspection Association (JTIA). A quantitative test, method JISL 1902 was performed using 100% bamboo fabric. The bamboo fabric samples were washed industrially 50 times. The bamboo fabric samples were then laden with bacterial strain type staphylococcus IID 1677. After a 24-hr incubation period they did a count on the live bacteria remaining on the bamboo fabric samples. Their results showed that the samples retained a greater than 70% antibacterial efficiency rate, after 50 industrial washings.

*These results were obtained from Shanghai Tenbro Bamboo Textile ltd.

We are providing you this documented information so that you can draw your own conclusions. We leave the claims, the judgment and the decision in your hands because we believe the correct way is to give you ALL of the information available, without misleading you so that you can make an independent and informed decision.